Retention and Graduation Rates

In the last thirty years, researchers and theorists around the world have developed powerful new insights into why students do or do not stay in school and graduate.  Clearly, no school can control all of the factors that influence retention and graduation, but they can influence a set of factors that have a huge influence.  The most important single element is the quality of the learning environment the students encounter both in and outside the classroom and whether that environment fosters growth and creative mindsets and a corresponding sense of belonging in school

The Best Teachers Institute has developed a model for the ideal learning environment, an environment that will leave students hungry for more and eager to continue their studies right through graduation.  We call this a Natural Critical Learning Environment.  Each year, the Best Teachers Institute works with a limited number of institutions of higher learning to help them develop that kind of environment for their students. Contact the Best Teachers Institute to explore how we can help you.

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We can:

  • Offer semester- or year-long series of workshops and consultation to help faculty create Natural Critical Learning Environments that will improve retention and graduation
  • Conduct Dynamic Seminars for students to transform their approaches to school and improve retention and graduation
  • Design and implement a research-based Freshman Seminar that can transform student performances and raise retention and graduation
  • Consult with school leadership on policy and practice changes that can improve retention and graduation
  • Design a phase III teaching and learning center, recruit highly qualified leadership for the center, and consult with new center leadership on operation of center devoted to higher retention and graduation rates.
  • Provide in-depth consultation on curricular shifts that will improve teaching and learning
  • Work with our partners Taskstream and Tk20 to create comprehensive assessments that help improve quality and help institutions meet their retention and graduation goals
  • Help institutions move toward a focus on adaptive expertise (creativity) and critical thinking as strong motivators for students to stay in school and graduate.

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